Located on the foot of the southern slopes of the Troodos Mountains, overlooking the sea and famous for its lace and silver; Pano Lefkara village is also well known for its fine examples of different architectural styles characterised by its countless cobbled narrow streets andtraditional houses built almost entirely of local white stone, some with doorways providing glimpses of flower-filled and vine-covered courtyards.

Lefkara is famous for its silver and lace making, skills which have been practised in the village since Venetian Cyprus. One can watch the local village ladies sitting outside making their Lefkara lace on the cobbled streets of Lefkara. You can also watch the silver smiths in action in various workshops around town.

Legend has it that Leonardo da Vinci visited Lefkara in 1481 and bought a lace alter cloth. This very same cloth is on display in the Milan Cathedral today and some say featured in Leonardo’s “Last Supper”.

Lefkara is a quaint village, ideal for spending an afternoon wandering.  Many tourists visit the village to walk it’s pretty, narrow cobbled streets and watch crafts people at work. All this whilst taking in the architecture and simply enjoying the atmosphere.  Visiting Lefkara is “food” for the soul. When visiting this majestic village, one feels like you get to experience a moment in time. A time saturated with beautiful local history which will leave you feeling re-fuelled.


Lefkara is a top destination and if you like your holidays, or business trips for that matter, to be characterised by attention-to-detail, and personal touches, staying at House 1923 Boutique Hotel is what you are looking for.

A stylishly warm and informal haven in the centre of Lefkara. Our 6 rooms feature natural materials and muted tones in its spacious suites.  The carefully curated, simply furnished rooms and beautiful bathrooms are impeccably clean and fragrant and this pays homage to our guest’s values on nature, space, light, texture, convenience and comfort. Our guests feel at ease and comfortable which makes their stay memorable.

Located in the centre of the village House 1923 Boutique Hotel was originally known as “The Great Britain Hotel” in Lefkara. It was one of the first Hotels in the vicinity and it is considered a historical building. House 1923 Boutique Hotel underwent an extreme makeover as a result of a fire that took place around 2009. The building has been restored to its traditional character with modern touches.

Lefkara is definitely worth a visit to soak up that Cypriot Charm. House 1923 Boutique Hotel welcomes you and looks forward to accommodating your perfect trip to beautiful Lefkara!